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Unfortunately The Tribegeeks Academy Isn't Accepting New Member Requests At This Time.

Feel Free To Join The Waiting List And You’ll Be Among The First To Know When We
Re-open The Doors To New Members

Already A Member Of The Tribegeeks Academy?

Are you ready to stop struggling with your organic Facebook marketing? 

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Hi, we’re Steve & Sam Harradine and we’re obsessed with Facebook groups and organic Facebook marketing.
We’re both Facebook Power Admins and Sam is a Facebook certified community manager as well as being a part of the Facebook team that manages the Power Admin community.
If it’s to do with Facebook and how to build a community, Sam’s your girl.
Steve is all about sales and automation including messaging and offers as well as creating formidable funnels and copy.

Here’s the deal…

The content that we outline inside the Tribegeeks Academy is working great for us and our members and we honestly believe that it can help you too.

We’ve been using it for over a decade to give us a boss-free lifestyle where we can do what we want and go where we want and passively bring in six figures.

But we’re not suggesting that anyone who reads this is going to make a lot of money.

We don’t know anything about you. It’s likely that most people will make little or nothing at all (especially if they don’t follow the instructions and put in the work to make it work.) 

Chances are we’ve never met and we’re not going to insult your intelligence by promising that we can make you rich… You are the only person that can make you rich, not the guru’s promising you that their new system will allow you to ‘crush it’ or the presenters offering you a brand new life changing breakthrough.

So with that said, allow us to jump right in and show you…


Why The Tribegeeks Academy Is What You Need

First of all the Tribegeeks Academy is dramatically different from any membership you’ve seen before because there’s no waffle or fluff.

It’s a combination of comprehensive and diverse training courses and ‘hands on’ live training where the creators actually show up regularly to share their combined 25+ years of Internet marketing know-how.

Plus, it’s easy to follow and cleanly laid out with live help just a facebook support group post away.

It’s About MORE Than Just Building A Facebook Group

Because inside the Tribegeeks academy we focus on teaching battle-tested marketing principles and tactics, you can use what’s inside to sell all kinds of products and services.

For example we currently show coaches and consultants how to sign up new clients for their services every single month using their Facebook group.

We also show network marketers how to recruit team members AND keep them productive and focused so they can build assets and not liabilities with their businesses.

Online experts are shown how to sell their courses, memberships and other products using the tried and tested methods that we lay out and walk you through step-by-step.

We’ve shown our members how to generate hundreds of thousands of new Facebook group members, and each one of those new members is a potential buyer.

That’s hundreds of thousands of targeted leads that are ready to be turned into paying customers… and we’ll show you how.

So like we said, there’s more to the Tribegeeks Academy than “just” building a Facebook group…


Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Be Getting When You Join

Access To Dozens Of Training Courses So You Can Learn The Skills You Need

Inside the academy you’ll get unrestricted access to information that took us literally decades to accumulate, all laid out in easy to consume modules so you can choose what you need at a glance.

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to because we’ve filtered our what doesn’t work and just focused on the stuff that does so you can get results faster.

Simple Step-By-Step Directions With The Tribe Geeks Academy Roadmap So You're Never Stuck

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and stuck? It’s no surprise with the sheer mass of confusing information and conflicting advice online these days.

Let us help you cut through the fog with the Academy Roadmap. Here we’ve set out what we feel are the essentials and where you need to start, as always in nice easy to follow steps.


Live Weekly Trainings With Us And The Other Tribegeeks To Keep You Up To Speed

Every Thursday at 8P.M GMT we hold a live training session over Zoom for the members of Tribegeeks.

These sessions are designed to keep you totally up to date with what’s working NOW as well as help with accountability to help keep you focused.

One thing is certain though, and it’s that we always have fun at these meet-ups!

Daily Done For You Content So You Don't Have To Work So Hard

Are you tired and frustrated at having to constantly come up with engaging content ideas?

No worries, we’ve got you covered with fresh daily content done for you including images and text that you can either use for inspiration or just grab them and use them as your own.

Now you’ll have content ready to go in minutes every single day.


Access To The Tribe Geeks VIP Facebook Community For Accountability & Support

What would we be if we didn’t have our own exclusive Facebook group with all the support and comradery that went along with it?

Inside the Tribegeeks Facebook group we have entrepreneurs just like you who support each other and help each other because they’re all pulling in the same direction and know what’s involved. You’ll get instant access to the whole community.

You’re right… that’s a lot of battle tested strategies and tactics!… and we could go on and on because there’s so much more inside the Academy.

And it’s stuff that no one else can share with you because no one else is doing it.


Here’s What To Do Next

The “cost” of checking out the Tribegeeks Academy right now is the princely sum of just £39 per month

As soon as you fill out the payment form you’ll be sent details of how to log into the members area and also how to join the private Facebook support group.

Still Got Questions?
No Worries… We’ve Got Answers

Obviously we hope that you’ll love the Tribegeeks academy, but in the unlikely event that you don’t feel it’s for you we give you the 14 day trial to test drive every aspect of the membership, totally unrestricted before you commit to becoming a full member. Even then, should you decide to leave you can do so with the click of a button from inside your own member account portal.

We’re all in with using Facebook to build our business and Sam is actually a part of the Facebook team. But this only happened because Facebook themselves recognised that something special was happening inside the Tribegeeks community. We’ve been doing this for a combined 18 years and we’re both power admins. Sam is a part of the FB team.
We’ll show you what we do so that you can do it too to take your business to new heights. 

Nope, there are no contracts to tie you to anything. You stay as long as you want to and you leave when you want to. That’s it!

You don’t have to show up for any training if you don’t want to. Memberships are kinda like buffets… you can take as much or as little as you like, when you like.
We go live with training inside the group once a week but if you don’t want to attend then you don’t have to.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is still the King of social media platforms. It’s where the biggest audience is and where you can network the easiest.
Nothing out there builds your influence and your expert status faster than building your own community around what you do. Your community will become your customers.
Facebook are totally committed to communities and are giving us new tools to help us build ours every day.

Not at all. We’d obviously love it if you throw yourself into the Tribegeeks VIP community but you do what you’re comfortable with.
Nobody is going to try to dissect what you’re doing with your business or ask you any questions to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Definitely! In fact the first thing you’ll be encouraged to do when you enter the academy is to go through our step by step roadmap to teach you the fundamentals that every online business needs and how to easily put them together for YOUR business.
The trainings are designed to help the beginner, right through to the advanced marketer.

Every single business on the planet needs the same thing to succeed… a group of people to sell their products to. In other words, an audience.
We’ll show you how to generate your audience, or tribe regardless of your business model. We do focus more on organic methods instead of paid methods because organic marketing offers a more substantial and loyal customer base.

Nope, we’re solely focused on the Academy and we’re not going to try to get you to buy something else. The only offer you will get is our monthly or yearly packages with some discounts and extras thrown in… but only if you want it.

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous sellers out there. The trouble is you only find out once they have your money!
The Tribegeeks Academy is set up to allow you to try everything and make sure it’s a good fit for you before you commit so you’re really not taking any risk at all.



Grab Your Membership Of The Tribegeeks Academy

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to meeting you inside the Tribegeeks Academy.

Talk soon