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Here are our proven business blueprints.

Step #6 – Ascension

The trainings inside the Academy for this section are labeled Orange.

The final part of this blueprint is having a plan to take our new customers up the value ladder in order to get them to invest more heavily with us.

In order to make this happen we have to develop a suite of products that we have to offer with varying access to us personally with varying price points.

One of the main reasons that this is important is that the most time consuming and expensive activity in our business is acquiring a customer.

Once we’ve acquired a customer doesn’t it make sense that we offer to help them with as much as we can?

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Step #5 – Generating The Sale

The trainings that are designed to help you with this step are labelled Red.

Ahh, this is the section that most people want to skip to because we all want to make more sales right?

Well if you did skip the previous sections I’d encourage you to go back and read them because if there was one stand out piece of advice I could give you about selling, it’s that 90% plus of it is done in the build up to the actual sales process.

By the time we make our offer, hopefully our prospect has already made up their mind that they want to buy from us or work with us because we’ve demonstrated that we’re the real deal and can help them get what they want.

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Step #4 – Nurturing Your Audience

The trainings that are designed to help you with this step are labelled Pink.

Now that we have the means to repeatedly communicate with the majority of our audience, our job at this point is to nurture the relationship that we have with them.

To build know, like & trust.

To build goodwill so that when the time comes to buy YOU are seen as the ONLY option.

People buy from people… moreover people buy from people that they have a good relationship with.

Our job at this point is to work at building this relationship.

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Step #1 – Your Mission, Your Message & Your Offer

The trainings inside the Academy that are designed to help you with this step are labelled Yellow.

Before we can start to be effective on our marketing journey there are a few things that we need to get as clear as possible on, as early in our marketing journey as possible.

If we take time to handle these elements now it’ll make everything that we do from this point onward much, much easier and less confusing for us and our customers.
Firstly, we need to consider our mission.

Our mission is effectively another way of saying ‘what we do’.

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