Become A Tribegeeks Academy Affiliate

Earn income by simply recomending the Tribegeeks Academy to others. If someone joins the academy from your link, you’ll get paid. It’s that simple.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Fun, Easy Way To Make Money Online Because You Get Paid Without Having The Stress Of Having To Create A Product!

When you join the Tribegeeks Academy affiliate scheme you’ll get access to your very own affiliate area where you’ll be assigned your own individual tracking links as well as banners to place just about anywhere on the Internet.

For every person who joins the Tribegeeks Academy through your affiliate link, we’ll pay you 25% of that persons membership fee for as long as they’re a member of the Tribegeeks Academy. It doesn’t matter if they sign up for an annual membership, a monthly membership or a trial membership… You’ll get 25% of their membership fee paid directly to your PayPal account.

Pretty sweet huh?

There’s no cost to join and there everything you need is provided for you inside the affiliate dashboard area. All you have to do is fill out an application and we’ll let you know once you’re accepted.

Here’s how to fill out the form and apply:


Please note that we’re not implying any guarantee of success when it comes to making ANY money with our affiliate program or anywhere online.
An online business is exactly that, a business… and just like any business it needs work and skill to generate results. 
We don’t know your work ethic or your skill level so we cannot suggest or imply that your results will in any way be the same as ours. Your results WILL vary from ours.